Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Look what my 3rd grader taught me to make

Should I begin this post with many excuses as to why I disappeared for the last 3 weeks? I could blame the two weekends away from home, the disastrous studio I only just put back together a few nights ago, the random illnesses of my children...nah...

I'd rather show you what my third grader learned in art class today. Now I have to say hers was made out the loveliest green, yellow, and red construction paper and was about twice the size of my little bird here. I just modified (much to her delight) and she said I could share it step by step with you.
What you need:
Strips of 1/2 inch book paper
glue/adhesive of choice ( love my golden gel medium because it sets up quickly)
pencil, dowel or bamboo skewer
Glue three of your strips just at one end, this will be the beak of your bird.
Bow out the bottom strip to the desired body size and place just a dab of glue to hold in place.
Do the same for the head with the top strip.
Use your pencil, dowel, or bamboo skewer to roll up the tail feathers in any direction you like.
Already looking adorable...
Roll a couple more strips, cut to fit and glue in place to make an eye & wing.
You can even add a little curl to the top of the head.
**I forgot a picture to show you to cut the glued end into the shape of a beak, at least I remembered to tell you**

The possibilities are endless...these guys may wind up on the tree or as part of a garland strand.
God bless elementary art teachers everywhere!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

spinning wheels

Nope I haven't fallen off the planet.
Work last week definitely met my expectations...a full 40 hours...add to that a kid with strep and I'm pretty sure I saw a few more grays in the mirror this past weekend.

This week is all about prepping for some paper crafting classes. I can't believe a year has already flown by and it's time to return to Perry Park for back to back scrapbook weekends. I promise photos next week.