Saturday, December 22, 2012

Days 11 & 12

Just wanted to follow up with the last two posts for the 12 Days of Christmas projects at Simply Homemade
  I think I'm in love!

11 Pipers Piping  by Lauren Zabaneh

11 pipers piping!

and finally

12 Drummers Drumming by Jo Neville

12 drummers drumming!

These 12 how-to projects have been fantastic, really enjoyed each and everyone.  Not to mention I now have more blogs to follow.

Tomorrow, if I can find batteries for the camera I have a little stocking swap to share!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

And the winners are...

Blessings from Cindy, Kim, and Sarah

Thank you ladies for playing along!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

10 Lords A-Leaping

Ten Lords a-Leaping 

In Victorian times paper dolls called Jumping Jacks or French “Pantin” were a popular toy.  Children would cut out each piece of the puppet, assemble the joints then string would be tied together to make the arms and legs to dance about.
This puppet came to mind when working on a the 12 Days of Christmas Project:
A 10 Lords a-Leaping Pantin.   


Empty Wooden Thread Spool
6” Dowel
Acrylic Paints (red & green)
Wooden star
Double sided tape
Gold glitter
Black ink
Black fine tip marker
Tinsel string
Foam pop- dots
Espresso Alcohol ink
Small poly bag
Small number stamps
Small bell
Print copy of the paper doll & crown (provided) on heavy cardstock
To make the base:

Paint green triangles around bottom of spool. Paint the rest of the spool red. When dry even out the look of the green triangles with a black marker.  Run a strip of double sided tape around top edge of spool, expose tape and glitter.  Run 2 additional bands of tape around center of spool and glitter.
Cut a 4” piece of tinsel string and place in poly bag.  Add about 6 drops of espresso alcohol ink into bag, seal bag and press ink into tinsel. Once coated take tinsel from bag and set aside to dry.

Stamp wooden star with “10”. Place a foam pop-dot on back of star and place on center of spool. Take the colored tinsel and wrap around pop dot behind the star.
Paint dowel with red paint, when dry add glue and place into spool.

To make the puppet:
For assembly of the puppet I found it easier to explain by including this excellent picture and directions from the website:

Once assembled, embellish the puppet with glitter.  To attach the puppet to the dowel stick, use foam pop-dots on back of head and body.  Add a bell to the end of the string, and make your Lord leap and dance.

It was an honor to participate and I can't wait to see what the next 2 days projects will be!

Don't forget about the cone ornament giveaway, I will be drawing names on the 20th!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Days 5-9

I paused a few days to take care of family business, the boy turned 12 this weekend so a family dinner was in order.  Etsy sales have been swift (thank you so much).  Lastly the tragedy in Connecticut saddened me so much I chose to take a few days to stay quiet and reflect on what we hold dear.

Today I would like to catch you all up of the 12 Days of Christmas crafting projects from Simply Homemade.  Tomorrow is my day so be sure to pop back in.  The day after that I will do the cone ornament giveaway, so be sure to click on the giveaway button to the right and leave a comment to be entered in.

by Charlotte of Gin Fuelled Blue Stocking

6 geese a-laying!
Yummy recipes by Lex Smith of Lady Nom

Lauren Engelkemeyer of Clever Betty

Kendall, Kate & Emily from Trends With Benefits 

and finally caught up with 
9 ladies dancing!

Thanks for stopping in.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Ornament Giveaway

Earlier in the week I rediscovered six cone ornaments made last year. With the hustle and bustle of mid-December I decided it was too late to list them in the shop, so how about a Christmas giveaway?  I bundled them in pairs and will draw three names on December 20th.  To enter just leave a comment on this post.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Days 3 & 4 plus Giveaway news

Three French Hens, a project after my own heart
...image transfers!!!

3 French hens!

Day four is by Amy Tangerine, ( I love her site...such beautiful updated scrapbook styles)
The directions are on Simply Homemade's Blog page.

4 calling birds!

Onto the giveaway news.  I'm still cooking up the plans, but leaning toward a 3 day giveaway.  I came across some beautiful Victorian style cone ornaments I made last year, they are getting a quick tweak then a photo shoot   Details tomorrow!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day Two

Day two of twelve at Simply  hosts these beautiful stitched turtle doves by Laura at Cupcakes for Clara.

2 turtle doves!

Monday, December 10, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Crafty Goodness

I wanted to share a website with you called SimplyHomemade.  

 A few weeks ago I was asked to be one of twelve bloggers participating in Simply Homemade's Blog Feature- 12 Days of Christmas projects.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity but you'll have to wait until day 10 for my contribution.
Today is the 1st day and I wanted to link up with 

A partridge in a pear tree