Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The kids were on Spring break from last Wednesday until today. Couple that with out of town guests, my very old friend Danielle brought her family to town from New Jersey.  Searching the Internet for cool things to do in Cincinnati and Kentucky resulted in one fabulous week of new-to-us day trips.

For instance, Cincinnati is home to the one of a kind American Sign Museum.  The guided tour was a wealth of information about how businesses marketed themselves with signage from the late 1800's until today. This museum also houses a neon sign manufacturer and included a demonstration of how these signs are made today. 

Day two was the Horse Park in Lexington.  We saw horse shows, took a horse pulled tour of the grounds, and even rode horses on a trail.

 Over the weekend we went to the oldest market in Ohio, Findlay Market in Downtown Cincinnati.  The food and sweets inside were amazing, but starting in April there is even more to see with outside vendors selling crafts and flowers.

On Monday our sweet sweet neighbor, Maureen, took us to a barn that houses her horse, Sunny.  The girls got to brush down Sunny and feed her a few treats.  Before that they were able to have riding lesson on Maggie, the barn owners horse.
 Tuesday was an Ohio River day.  We started in Newport with lunch at a German restaurant, shopping at the Levee and then a stroll over the Purple People Bridge to Cincinnati.  We walked a mile or so to see the Steamboat Memorial and the new parks along the Banks. We wore out the kiddos, but in a good way.

It was such a fabulous week with good weather and great company!


Barbara Bruder said...

Sounds like you have a fabulous in town vacation!!!

Dorthe said...

Thank you dear Angie, for your kind note on my blog,- so sweet of you.
Sending you hugs.

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Pam @ Frippery said...

I was going to comment on what a fantastic staycation you had but tge last comment made my head spin! Crazy spammers. Anyway looks like you had a lovely time.

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