Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Experimenting with image transfers to paper

Wanted to document my experiments with image transfer. I started here, More than Photography, read up on Nitsa's process. She posts her steps using both copies of images in ink jet and laser. She really likes using Mod Podge to create her transfers occasionally mentions using gel medium. I decided to run a side by side comparison.

Using watercolor paper for all the transfers, I tried half with Mod Podge and half with Golden's Regular Gloss Medium. I used 4 laser color copies from Kinko's and 4 inkjet copies with my Epson using Durabright pigment inks.

The process: Coat the substrate (in this case watercolor paper) with medium (Mod Podge or acrylic gel), also coat the image you are transferring then place the image on the substrate and gently rub out any air bubbles. Let it dry completely ( overnight) then lightly mist the image letting the paper saturate and rub it away leaving the image embedded in the medium.

Let's start from the best and work our way to the not-so-great:

These two transfers were laser copies with Golden's, I love how the image is transparent and when the transfer is done on a collaged background the paper shows through.

click on the pictures to see the detail

These two (below) were laser copies with Mod Podge, the transfer was good but didn't hold up as well to rubbing the paper off, I seemed to lose more of the ink.

The inkjet copies were by far the weakest transfer regardless of the medium. The paper pulp never completely rubbed away and the ink didn't stick to the medium, instead it balled up and made a muddy mess, the more I rubbed the more ink and image was removed.

Didn't know how many others may have tried this process, if you have and you have insight I 'd love to hear.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Enamored with old things

I love old things, I get this from my mother...can't exactly pinpoint why but I really admire the craftsmanship of old objects. I was always on board when she wanted to go to an auction or antique mall. I enjoyed looking for something I hadn't seen before...or maybe an object that I couldn't be sure what it was or what it would have been used for.

Recently I came across one of these ornaments in a case at the local antique mall. Definitely out of my price range but that didn't stop me from pressing my nose up to glass to get a closer look. Intrigued I went home and did a bit of online research, they are made of blown glass, Victorian scrap and silver tinsel...they are quite rare so even finding a few pictures online is tough.

One thing leads to another and I sketched a few ideas...not looking to create replicas but instead a representation using a few of my favorite things.

Vintage paper canoe instead of a glass ornament, the little children are made with transfers on clay, finally a bit of gold wire gimp and buttons.

After making the three canoes I tried a a row boat shape, thinking they might stand alone...but they tend to tip over....oh well.

Have a safe holiday weekend!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It's amazing how once you get out of the habit of posting it is really hard to get back.

I'm sure I've mentioned my job before, working in the greeting card business. Not sure if you remember how close Easter and Mother's Day fell, don't think it could have been any closer together. As Easter cards came down the onslaught of Mother's Day cards had to be placed then maintained for two very short weeks. The following Monday those cards came down and Father's Day went up...it was a whirlwind of hours.

Add to that the Duveneck Art Show on Mother's Day. Carla was so kind to let me set up a spot in her booth again this year. Have to mention that her beautiful art dolls earned her a blue ribbon this year..way to go!!

Then the last two weeks...poof...I think they just disappeared into the haze. My darling husband accepted a new job and it's easy to forget all woes that come with a job change...new dress code, tax info, bank info, benefits info, it can all seem so overwhelming.

Right now I have to focus on the fact that this is the last full week of school for the kiddos and end of year projects are always interesting. Today Mr. Robert was Simon Kenton for the Kentucky wax museum at school...simply amazing to me that he can get up and just speak in front of anyone!

Can't even go into the topic of my poor Etsy shop...lol It's been ignored for weeks even though there are a bunch of faux slides from the show are sitting around waiting to have their pictures taken.

I have been sneaking a bit of time in the studio to play, I'll share soon. Thanks for hanging in there.