Friday, March 15, 2013

For the love of wire

I have become a huge fan of Amy Duncan's blog, Four Corners Design.  She's had many posts that just made my jaw drop.  The first one was how to make wire baskets from hardware cloth (here).  I commented back in September how much I wanted to try this out, got around to it in January, and am now finally posting it here in March.

Back in September I was looking for vintage wire baskets to add to the doors that hide the furnace in the studio.  I couldn't find anything the right size and shape.  Following Amy's directions I made the size that that made me happy.

Then in February Amy blogged again with an idea to make a her own wire cloche (here) and as I read the post I remembered all the square scraps I had left over from the baskets.  

They make the cutest little wire cages... now what to do with them?

Still haven't figured that out, but I did make some square ones too.

Thanks Amy for the fantastic inspiration and tutes!