Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LOST creatures

I have only one show I am devoted to...thanks to my darling is LOST. Until last night it had been all new episodes of the final season...I had the TV on and snacks ready but I needed to deal with the disappointment of learning last nights show was a repeat, so I grabbed my baggie of scrap clay and played around. I didn't mean to make heads but that is what I came up with. After baking them and adding some paint I fashioned one with a body from metal clipped from the bathroom repair project (I'm feverishly trying to get it done).

Afterward my guy seemed a bit familiar but I couldn't figure out why until I remembered this movie... an old favorite.

Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas
Here is the rest of the clan...


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Resin Adventures

With many mixed media artists dipping there toes into resin (not literally) I have to admit I was curious about the appeal. I used a 40% off coupon at Micheal's last week to purchased a box of Easy Cast 2 part resin, then I coaxed Carla over to play.

The night before I turned an old aspirin container into a bezel. The process started with a sewing pattern and some matte medium to glue and seal the paper. After it was dry I added the photo polymer piece, button, fountain pen tip, etc.. mix the resin... pour ...
I can't even begin to tell you how easy it was and how nice the result is.

Here is another partially filled bezel that I will complete next time I mix more resin.
Backside of both...
We also coated paper to make them transparent. Carla suggested suspending them while they cured, a few hours later I finally got around to hanging them from a dowel rod underneath my shelf. Got to love the IKEA clips...very handy indeed.
Here is resin on top of some textured polymer pieces.
So now I can say I get the appeal...the doming, the glass like look, the versatility..very cool.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Altered States of Mind Meeting

I'm a bit behind in posting this past weekends projects. On Saturday we had our ASOM meeting hosted by Jean at her beautiful home out in the country. As a group we like to save our big and messy projects for an all day event.

We started out the day learning how to solder with a soldering iron. I had tried this at home with very limited success, it was so much better working out the harder parts of this technique with the other ladies. This is a double sided glass charm.

Afterwards I tried soldering the joints of some hand-shaped copper links. Sandy also brought with her some chunky glass pieces, I used broken one to wrap and solder the top into charm as well.
Carla and I showed how to etch copper and brass. These are my finished pieces from the day.
Beth showed us how to make this quick and easy fairy doll from pipe cleaners and fabric strips for the body, fibers for the hair, wooden bead for the head and a hair scrunchie for the skirt.
Ms. Maria was all over the fairy project and we already started collecting the materials so she can make her own.

I wish I had pictures of the group and the setting of this scenic day but alas I went without a camera, oh well maybe next time...


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finished, almost finished and getting started

It is interesting to have so many jewelry projects going on at once. Usually I just focus on one at a time (that's why I'm so slow). Sometimes though the littlest setback will cause me to leave a piece on the work table to rethink it a while, then some inspiration will come along in the form of a new book or magazine. It is just about time to wrap all these pieces for the art show next month. This is how my table looked last night before headed off to bed.

A finished butterfly necklace
These are still tickling the brain with ideas on how to make them into finished pieces...

This was the result of playing yesterday. I'm really enjoying the properties of translucent clay mixed with solid colors, then stamped. It is a bit of mystery knowing how the bead will look after being baked.
Lastly these are taking shape...random parts almost ready to be made into a series of mixed media necklaces. (as soon as I find my missing Dremel...ugh)

I have slowed down quite a bit on the house projects, perhaps I'm bogged down by the finishing touches or the money still needing to be spent. Not sure but it so not what I want to be doing right now. Luckily Bob gets used to this and he knows eventually I will get tired of looking at the unfinished projects and kick it into gear, but it will not be this week for sure.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Family Adventure

All week Bob has been hinting at taking a trip. Before kids we would randomly take off for a weekend to some of the neighboring states and I think he was feeling reminiscent for a day in the car driving.

So we ended up here (with some planning ...because we have kids now)
Neither of us had ever been to Mammoth Cave, the largest cave system in the world, only 3 1/2 hours from home... how sad is that.

We picked the "New Entrance" cave tour on Saturday, named so because it was the newest entrance to the cave... in 1920. We were warned about the nature of the tour, it's not so good for those who are claustrophobic, afraid of heights, or not able to climb many fights of stairs. Poor Bob he is not the best with the close quarters or the height thing...but it was worth it for these views.
At the entrance of the cave you are led down MANY steep staircases following caves cut downward by water.

The Frozen Niagara-this is not frozen water but rock formations of calcium carbonate.

Stalactites and stalagmites

The park is filled with trials for hikers, bikes, and horses. We ventured out on several of the trails, I think mostly just to be reminded that we are totally out of shape.

The Green River

We are home now and the kids are happy, it was a tenuous 2 days but I think we all decided to head back again (when we forget how hard those trails were).


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wonders never cease.

I finished a necklace today! I have to buckle down because I'm in an art show on Mothers Day and it would be best to actually have something to sell. I have been sketching and finishing components when time allows but I have failed to assemble anything in what feels like forever.
Today my sister asked to borrow the tables in my studio for a garage sale this weekend. After her husband came to pick them up I thought for sure I wouldn't want to step foot back in there for the mess I'd left behind.

Apparently I must like the chaos because I sat down in the 6 inches of space I had left on my counter top and put this together... weird huh?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Signs of Spring

Well hello there... I have been a very busy bee "changing over" all my Easter cards to Mother's Day and Graduation.

The kiddos are on spring break and Bob is on vacation, he plays Mr Mom and I try to get my stores done as quick as possible. On Monday he took them downtown to see the Red's opening Day parade.
Today I got a call while working, my brother and sister-in-law blessed the family with a new addition. She is not named yet but goodness isn't she beautiful!

I hope everyone is having lovely weather and enjoying the first signs of spring.