Thursday, April 22, 2010

Resin Adventures

With many mixed media artists dipping there toes into resin (not literally) I have to admit I was curious about the appeal. I used a 40% off coupon at Micheal's last week to purchased a box of Easy Cast 2 part resin, then I coaxed Carla over to play.

The night before I turned an old aspirin container into a bezel. The process started with a sewing pattern and some matte medium to glue and seal the paper. After it was dry I added the photo polymer piece, button, fountain pen tip, etc.. mix the resin... pour ...
I can't even begin to tell you how easy it was and how nice the result is.

Here is another partially filled bezel that I will complete next time I mix more resin.
Backside of both...
We also coated paper to make them transparent. Carla suggested suspending them while they cured, a few hours later I finally got around to hanging them from a dowel rod underneath my shelf. Got to love the IKEA clips...very handy indeed.
Here is resin on top of some textured polymer pieces.
So now I can say I get the appeal...the doming, the glass like look, the versatility..very cool.


sharon said...

Hi Angie! Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment! I loooove your resin filled tin, it's great! Love your jewelry too!!

Dorthe said...

Angie, you did beautifully with that resin,everything looks so gantastic.
I don`t think I can buy it here, but I have to try,looking for that.
Have a lovely week-end, dear.
xo Dorthe

Jennifer said...

These came out perfect - I love the collage idea of mixing mediums! You can find all sorts of treasures and have so much fun...hope to see you visit me sometime at jennsthreegraces, Jennifer

LuLu Kellogg said...

Angie, you did a great job! I am working with resin right now and trying to get the hang of it. My first batch was not so good. I didn't have enough of the hardner in it so it was all sticky. Now I know better and to measure carefully :)

Great job!

cat said...


The bezels look great!! Can hardly wait to see the paper in the flesh! Thanks for curing them!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi oAngie!!! Your resin creations are wonderful!!! I've been holding back...I want to try this so bad and even have the stuff, I'm just afraid I'll mess up ~ I've got to try this! Thanks so much for sharing ~ hugs and love, Dawn

MisfitGirl said...

They look great! Resin always gives such a lovely shiny dome.

Patina Marie said...

Thanks for stopping by "lice-ville". LOL

I happy to report, no lice!!! But, I did come down with a sore throat and a head cold...I don't think that was from the hats though...???

I really love the resin pieces. I've seen them in bottle caps before, but never in old aspirin tins. I just love the old stuff!!

Picked up a HUGE dictionary the other day that I have plans for, but gotta get to feelin' better first.


Patina Marie said...

darn it...I meant to type ... I'm happy to report....must be fat fingers?!!!

Christine Edwards said...

The resin pieces look great! I'm playing with resin this weekend for a workshop...should be fun.