Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Family Adventure

All week Bob has been hinting at taking a trip. Before kids we would randomly take off for a weekend to some of the neighboring states and I think he was feeling reminiscent for a day in the car driving.

So we ended up here (with some planning ...because we have kids now)
Neither of us had ever been to Mammoth Cave, the largest cave system in the world, only 3 1/2 hours from home... how sad is that.

We picked the "New Entrance" cave tour on Saturday, named so because it was the newest entrance to the cave... in 1920. We were warned about the nature of the tour, it's not so good for those who are claustrophobic, afraid of heights, or not able to climb many fights of stairs. Poor Bob he is not the best with the close quarters or the height thing...but it was worth it for these views.
At the entrance of the cave you are led down MANY steep staircases following caves cut downward by water.

The Frozen Niagara-this is not frozen water but rock formations of calcium carbonate.

Stalactites and stalagmites

The park is filled with trials for hikers, bikes, and horses. We ventured out on several of the trails, I think mostly just to be reminded that we are totally out of shape.

The Green River

We are home now and the kids are happy, it was a tenuous 2 days but I think we all decided to head back again (when we forget how hard those trails were).



LuLu Kellogg said...

What a wonderful day to spend with your family. The pictures of the inside of the cave were amazing!


J said...

We visited the caves once as kids, obviously you don't remember it (I remember being down there when they turned the lights off to show just how dark it is!) You'd have to ask mom when it was though

Hopemore Studio said...

Jen, I remember the family going when we had an exchange student living with us... 20 or so years back but I was working and didn't go.

If there was another trip when we were very little then nope, I don't remember, funny though because mom doesn't that's where I get it from.


Patina Marie said...

I'm having flashbacks of our 2004 tour of the Oregon caves.
Looks very similar.

River is similar too! Go figure!!!! Feels just like home.

Dorthe said...

Such a wonderfull trip, I love the beautifull photoes, you took on the way.
Wonderfull to experience with ones children.
xo Dorthe

J said...

hmm, I don't remember if we had the exchange student then, but I vaguely remember dad being there... or maybe I'm dreaming that part. Either way, seems like it was longer than 20yrs ago (man, when did we get old?)

Frippery said...

I love Mammoth Cave. We went often when I was a kid. (There were dinosaurs then too, hee hee) and we have taken our kids a few times. Amazing place.

Frippery said...

BTW, You should join the journal swap at my blog. One on one, vintage summer journal. Kind of a keepsake book for summer fun. I am pairing partner's on Friday and we have until Memorial day to complete. 5pages plus covers with a summer theme. Any medium any way you want to put it together. E mail me if you are interested, it will be fun. Pam

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Looks like a wonderful little family getaway, Angie. I don't know if I could have done those caves . . . not so much into close spaces either. But they are truly amazing.

I'm sure the kids won't forget this trip!