Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Around here lately

Two months later...

This little man is a month old! Megan is showing off her awesome new mommy photo skills.

Summer is in full swing, though the weather doesn't always feel that way.

As I type this my brother and his family are making their next Air Force move from Idaho to Alabama, with a stop over in Kentucky to see family for a while. After inviting them to stay with us, we decided it would be a good time to do some of the basement renovations to make the spot more livable.

Out came most of the textured ceiling, and the 20 year old track lights.  Bob and I braved electricity and added recessed lighting.  Replacing the ceiling will have to wait until next year, there are some funky water lines and HVAC issues to look into.  

Next up, out with the humongous bar!  A small kitchenette will take it's place. 
( the 'before' ^)

As for making art, sadly it has been on the back burner.  That is until mid July, Maria and I are taking an online painting class...whoo hoo!!