Monday, April 19, 2010

Altered States of Mind Meeting

I'm a bit behind in posting this past weekends projects. On Saturday we had our ASOM meeting hosted by Jean at her beautiful home out in the country. As a group we like to save our big and messy projects for an all day event.

We started out the day learning how to solder with a soldering iron. I had tried this at home with very limited success, it was so much better working out the harder parts of this technique with the other ladies. This is a double sided glass charm.

Afterwards I tried soldering the joints of some hand-shaped copper links. Sandy also brought with her some chunky glass pieces, I used broken one to wrap and solder the top into charm as well.
Carla and I showed how to etch copper and brass. These are my finished pieces from the day.
Beth showed us how to make this quick and easy fairy doll from pipe cleaners and fabric strips for the body, fibers for the hair, wooden bead for the head and a hair scrunchie for the skirt.
Ms. Maria was all over the fairy project and we already started collecting the materials so she can make her own.

I wish I had pictures of the group and the setting of this scenic day but alas I went without a camera, oh well maybe next time...



Dorthe said...

Seems you ladyes, had a marvelous day,with lots of tecknic trying, must be wonderfull, to be part of such a group.
xo Dorthe

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Great stuff, Angie. I would really love to learn to solder. I just love the charm you made, and the fairy is just adorable.

Thanks for sharing!