Saturday, February 1, 2014

Whittling away at winter

I am a bad blogger, enough said.  Winter in the Midwest has been brutal and living indoors can take it's toll.  The basement is freezing so I have no interest in creating in the studio...which can be bad because then when the desire to make something happens the mess ends up everywhere in the house.  
Spent about two weeks with all my seam binding rolls, vintage bottle tops and adhesives piled up in the living room where every free evening I'd bundle up under a blanket and stitch away making ruffled layers for handmade prize ribbons.  I have no idea what purpose these can have, but I think they are freakin adorable so I just kept making until I didn't want to anymore.  Then the sun came out (feels like a small miracle) and I made an attempt at photographing in natural light.  It went well, all these are now listed in the Etsy & Zibbet shops.

Keep thinking warm thoughts, Spring has to come eventually right?!