Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Found: birdcage tutorial to share

I was wondering about how to make birdcages yesterday (seriously... how does the mind wander to that anyway). I attempted to make one on my own from scratch but was so bad I won't even share it with you. "Off to the internets" I scoured and came across this easy peasy tute by Bird From A Wire. ( <-- click the link to see the tutorial)

The only diversion I took was to use an empty tuna can as my base, other than that her tutorial is as clear as you can get. The little gal inside would not have been my first choice, it was a left over piece from some other project that didn't fair so well, but she was just hanging out there on the counter so I stuck her in the cage...poor thing.

It was a nice daily diversion from my studio, which is in shambles and needs a really good cleaning out. Maybe my desire to spend more than just an hour in there will come along soon to prod me along

Happy creating,


Tina Schiefer said...

Very cute! I have one bird house for display in our home, the other two are occupied by macaws - a big blue & gold named Hooligan and a little green Hahn's named Scallywag - yeah, we have a thing for pirates...

I bought the display cage from a yard sale years ago. It looks like a high school woodshop project - wood base and rusty wire cage. I have a cast iron pig with wings in it! Fitting, I guess...still waiting for him to fly!

As for the "cleaning of the studio", I've read that a clean studio makes you more creative...hmmmm....haven't figured that one out yet...I ALWAYS have a mess or two or three...

BTW, I'm playing BLOG HOP with some blogger gals swapping stuff for FREE...go check it out! I KNOW you've got something to get rid of...he he he....

Its All About Creating said...

You made me laugh outloud. Seriously, how do we get these ideas and go off on these creative tangents? I have literally spent hours on the internet trying to find materials or tutorials that might fit into an idea I have. I absolutely love your birdcage and thank you for posting the tutorial link.

Dorthe said...

Hello Angie,
how cute a little birdcage- I love it-and you just nestled the sweetest little birdie inside.

Wish you happy hours cleaning your studio,dear.