Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Wanted to quickly share this button swap/blog hop being hosted by Sweet Bead Studio.  Interested? 

Studio electric needs a bit more time, it's a big job.  There were no outlets in the space and only 2 light fixtures.  Since November I had been running an extension cord from the finished portion of the basement into my room, this was a temporary fix with ill effects...like blowing the fuse every once in a while.  
 I eagerly accepted the help of Debbie's husband to do the work (which I am sure he is now regretting). I love how thorough he is...he did calculations as too how many light fixtures I needed and decided how many dedicated circuits were best. We are doing the work together and I'm trying to learn a little as we go. Unfortunately it all takes time and the pictures show our progress.  Maybe one more day will do it...just not sure when that day will be...you know how life goes...right?


Blessings from Cindy said...

I'm sure that you will be soooo happy when your studio is well lit and the way you envision it. Hope it goes smoothly from here so you can create even more lovelies!

Julie Z said...

Congrats on trying to learn a little as you go from him - electricity always scares me! Even when my hubby works on ours (we have lots that needs done!); it still scares me - lol! And yes, life does always seem to get in the way with projects - Hope you're able to finish soon!

Dorthe said...

Dear Angie, from your next post I caN SEE how so much more happened here- so great to get qualified help from a friend- makes it all so much easier, and faster going.
Cross my fingers you are soon able to create your beautiful art.