Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun

(for you Fer)

Easter tradition was in full swing yesterday, the family came over for dinner and an egg hunt.

The guys had a bit too much fun with hiding places this year.

 Here is the small kid crew, several family members didn't make it home...and oh we missed them!!

 Of course we live for these moments...

They are all getting so big, don't know how much longer they will see egg hunts as a fun thing to do.
Hopefully we can get a few more years out of these kiddos.



Julie Z said...

TFS some of your Easter fun Angie - looks like everyone had lots of fun! My kiddos were thrilled to do a little egg hunt as well with clues to where their baskets were - they had a blast. And you are SO right - they grow so fast, but these are the moments to treasure!!

Blessings from Cindy said...

Ahhhh the memories you have sparked! Thank you so much for sharing your kidlets egg hunting! These are special moments and someday I will enjoy them again with grand~children. What a lovely family, Angie!!

Dorthe said...

Love the green egg in the tre, Angie- :) and the kids looks so happy, and am having so much fun.I missed being with my grandchildren this easter- but I send them a big chocolate egg ,each.
Have a great week,dear.

Tulip said...

THANKS for posting these, I really wish I could have come home, someday...