Friday, June 22, 2012

One more week

Our calendar for June was packed!!  Maria has taken many 4H classes such as nature crafts, creative jewelry, recycled art and beginner sewing.  Robert helped paint murals for the 4H building at the Fairgrounds and just finished a week of Camp Invention.

An invention to pop water balloons.

Next week is the grand finale of summer camps, Maria is taking a quilting class and Robert has advanced photography.  We are all pooped...up too early, to bed too late, and the heat this week is unmentionable.

I have been creating and hope to get the shop up and running again next week.
Stay cool!


marie said...

Sounds like you're staying nice and busy...I loved summer activities with my kids. Sounds like you're lving it too.

Quilting and advanced photography!? Those are great classes. Creative children...just like their creative mom! I look forward to seeing your shop re-open!

Barbara Bruder said...

Sounds like the kids are having a great vacation. Advanced photography is a class that really is interesting to me. Hope Robert has a great time with this one. See you soon.

Dorthe said...

Wow, your kids are surely being so active- and their mother ,too :-)
they will forever remember their great vacations, dear Angie.

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Angie, your page of Christmas in July, is not shown on your blog !!!!