Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October 1st

I love October, hands down my favorite month of the year.  Today Bob and I are spending the day together for our 19th wedding anniversary.  The weather is a mix of cool mornings and warm afternoons, it is near perfection.  I have been making my way back into the studio after a long hiatus, can't really explain that part ...other than sometimes I burn out.  This past long, hot summer coupled with the job at BC caused me to lay low.  Now that Fall is officially here it is time to dig myself out.

Today I opened a new shop at Zibbet.  There are a lot of changes at Etsy, many sellers frustrated at a lack of being buried under an influx of mass produced items. While I love Etsy and will continue to list there, my lower priced items will now be at my Hopemore shop on Zibbet.

I have listed my latest batch of polymer 'glass' slides just this morning, come take a peek at http://www.zibbet.com/hopemore if you are interested.



Dorthe said...

Congratulations Angie, dear, with your 19 years anniversary, and with your new shop. I was there looking, and you know I love your polymer slides.. I never heard about zibbet before , but it is worth a thought, when I close down my real shop, this december !!
Hope fall will give you more time and energy for blogging and creating.

Steph said...

A little late but Happy Anniversary!
I was just looking for you on Etsy and was sad as I thought no more slides! So glad to see you just moved to zibbet!