Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New School Mathematics

I sent the kiddos to a new school to "shadow" for the day....

Here's a math question for you:

Take one themed beach day for 3rd graders
(+) add one exuberant school secretary
that equals a goldfish for every classmate
also equals very happy class
with < /> or = chance of surprised parents.

So let me introduce you to Speedy, Robert's first fish, our family's first pet (please don't die).

So here is another math question:

Take one free goldfish
(+) add one household with absolutely no fish basics
that equals a $14.90 trip to the pet store.

Let me say Mr. Robert had a great day and he thinks this school rocks..because he got a fish!



Dorthe said...

Angie, wow I`m not at all good at math,- but I see the good deal here----for your son-----
Happy life goldfish....
xo Dorthe

Patina Marie said...

Funny how nothing is ever really "free", huh???

I don't even know how many free critters we've had over the years!