Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 weeks in one day

Let me explain, it has been a wild two weeks

Lets start here at Maria's 1st Communion (two Sundays ago). It was a gloomy rainy day but no one seemed to mind being in the house. I was so excited that Maria's Godmother Stephanie was able to come up from Indiana for a few hours.
Steph made the most amazing sugar cookies, it was hard to decide between eating the her cookies or my cupcakes. (Both won)
Then came the dreaded computer virus/spybot that crippled my computer the following day. It took Bob a few days to eradicate it completely so I stayed offline to avoid infecting anything else. Finally Wednesday I felt brave enough to hop back on, just to find that our Internet provider suspended our account for sending out spam. After contacting them and informing them that we were now virus free, they let us back into cyber land but not before informing me that the pesky spybot had sent out 13,700 emails that Monday!

The next week was double duty: first stocking the shelves full of Mother's Day cards for 'da people' to buy, second was preparing for the Duveneck Art Show in historic Covington Kentucky. Carla shared her booth space with me and even though I had plenty of advanced notice I was still woefully unprepared.
I did burn the midnight oil to complete a dozen necklaces and carded my polymer beads for sale as well.

It was a really nice show, the weather was chilly but the crowd was constant. I made a sale which I was really pleased with considering I didn't have much to offer.

Now I'm at the beginning of another crazy busy card week changing over from Mother's Day to Father's Day but I'm looking forward to getting back in the workroom to take pictures of all my pieces and getting them listed on Etsy. Stay tuned...

Last, but not least, if you enjoy swaps or exchanges you might be interested in Christine's SteamPunk Charm exchange. I finally feel like I have some "me" time coming up in the next few weeks so I jumped on board.


marie said...

Hi Angie,
I love your necklaces ~ I hope you did well at the Art Show!
Do you ever sell them on Etsy?

PS. Maria looks beautiful!

Christine Edwards said...

Wow, you have had a busy couple of weeks! When I hear computer virus stories like that, it makes me so happy I'm on a Mac (and I'm really not rubbing it in). That must have very frustrating having to deal with all that. Your pieces from the show look great. I think art shows are a tough place to sell, especially jewelry. And thanks for the link to the swap...I'm slowly getting more signups. ;-)