Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Something old but new

I realize you already know this but I guess I can say it again...I really enjoy working with vintage images, they just move me in a way newer images don't, plus there is the added benefit of fewer copyright concerns. Luckily polymer clay lends itself to 'faux' work...in my case making something new look like something old.

If you have the July/August copy of Somerset Studio there is a wonderful article by Sara Naumann, she has new artwork published using antique glass sides. While I loved her finished collage work, I was mesmerized by the glass slides. My mind automatically pops to hey I wonder if I can replicate that with polymer?
The pieces above are completely finished and glazed with resin. I love the glass-like look but I have to admit working with resin is a struggle. Below are another set I made using old Cincinnati images, these are pieces in progress, not sanded or glazed, they will most likely make their way to the bead store on consignment when finished.
This is pretty cool too, if you hold the piece up to the light it is semi translucent. I'm still thinking on other ways to use these besides jewelry. It is so outside of my comfort zone to do anything but wearable pieces, I'm trying to keep an open mind.

On another front I finished up 10- one inch size tiles for a swap in a yahoo group that focuses on all things polymer. It's my first swap with a group like this I'm very curious to see what comes back in return.



Dorthe said...

Hi Angie,
I read that artickle too, and was very taken with the glass slides-but your work with the polymer clay is absolutely a winner, -my,- how beautifull a light shines in your pieces ,love that old shine,they have , I wonder if I could buy one, similar to the one with the Tour Eiffel,? it is so wonderfull .
I will look for it, in your Etsy.
Your tiles are very sweet, and lovely, too- and then only 1 inch!!!I hope you gets something equal great bach, in the swap.
Hugs, Dorthe

cat said...

Slide like polymer pendents look awesome Angie!

Theresa said...

Oh I love those, so pretty and unique! I too love working with vintage images, they have a soulful feeling that just captures my attention and heart! I can see yours as a beautiful necklace, really beautiful. Theresa

stregata said...

Those "slide" pieces are just fantastic, Angie!!! Gorgeous! You don't by any chance have an image of Venice, do you?

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Wow! They are gorgeous, Angie!. Although they stand on their own so very well, I can't wait to see how you incorporate them into a finished piece.

Christine Edwards said...

Angie, your polymer "slides" are great! I think they would work well in mixed media pieces as well.

Hopemore Studio said...

Thanks everyone, such nice comments.

Renate -I will send you an email.

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

Totally amazing. The tiles are beautiful too!

Sara said...

Beautiful! And I love seeing this take on the glass slides--this is the best part about sharing art, seeing which direction other people take it!

Sara N.