Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yippee they're here

My steampunk exchange charms came in the mail today!!! I'm like a kid at Christmas...

Wow, wow wow they range from simply charming to futuristically amazing. Because I didn't want to overwhelm everyone with pictures I made up some slides, just click on the pictures to see them all up close.
1.Sue Reaney 2. Sandi Collins 3.Marcy Antle

4.Luz Foster 5. Sew Revived 6. Anna Philpot

9. Carol Wallace McGarva 10.Pam Kern 11. Missy 12.Karen Eilerman

Darling Christine out did herself all around, look at this gorgeous charm and she included a bit of link chain to get us started in the final assembly.
I wanted to show you what I made to swap as well, since we had 13 participants I didn't get back any of my swapped pieces, but that's OK I can make myself another.
If you ever find yourself looking to participate in a swap or exchange I have to tell you to keep an eye on Christine's blog. She comes up with the best ideas and she is such a gracious host!!



Anonymous said...

OMG, I just now received my charms as well! They were all so awesome and varied. I have to tell you, I think yours was my favorite (honest). This was so much fun, I hope we can do it again. Thanks! Marcy

Patina Marie said...

OK. So, I confess, I've been checking your and Christine's blog multiple times a day to see if either of you posted pictures yet.

NOW, I'm even more excited. This was the swap I had the LEAST time to do and CLEARLY I will be on the receiving end of MUCH talent. So much more detailed charms than I was able to swap this go-round. :(

This will be my first charm bracelet. I think I'm a Steampunk convert!!!


miniannalee said...

I didn't get one of your charms or patina marie's in my package.. :(

stregata said...

What a great swap - love the charms!

Christine Edwards said...

Angie! You beat me to the post. :-) I am just getting mine written. So glad you like the charms, and you're so sweet with your comments about my swaps. Hope you and your family have a fantastic fourth!

MisfitGirl said...

Look how awesome! I love little trinkets like that, I bought some of Christi Friesen's steampunk grab bag, and I've yet to do much with them I just like to look at them :)

cat said...

Awesome charms ANgie!