Sunday, August 15, 2010

A day at the fair

Last night I got a invite out to today's Burlington Antique Show. The vendors were slim and the pickings were too but it's an extremely hot summer here with 90+ days. Add high humidity and an everyday chance for pop up thunderstorms, I guess the vendors thought they'd pass for the day. We still had a fun with a 2 hour treasure hunt and I came out with a few goodies.

This Psalm book is one of two I picked up, the other was German and quickly snatched up by Bob (turn about fair play I guess) The book was in excellent shape for it's age, published in the 1880's and it was inscribed on the inside cover. Given Bob's German heritage we decided it was just to precious to be used in my artwork so I agreed to place it on the bookshelf instead. The one pictured below is the second one I picked up from the same vendor, I suspect it's Swedish.

It's inscribed on the back cover with a date 1816, but I believe it was customary to use these psalms and bibles as family record keepers, the date could be someones date of birth or death.
It's condition is pretty bad so I have little guilt about repurposing it in the future.
Crafty side note: I got a bit of clay from Carla the other day after expressing my frustration about how poorly my Premo clay takes acrylic paint. I used her clay to make some simple textured beads, needless to say I'm thrilled with how well paint took. Guess I'll be buying yet more clay...


Tammy said...

I love the book of psalms. How pretty. The coloring is wonderful. The beads look fun too. What type of clay is that?

J said...
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J said...

"Given Bob's German heritage..."

Um, WE are of German heritage too, silly!
~Love, your sister

Pretty Things said...

That prayer book is amazingly lovely. I agree, it's wonderful to keep it intact.

Dorthe said...

Hi dearest Angie,
yes you are right, this is a sweedish book, and the back tells of the day this mann was born!!! it will look beautifull in your art, Angie.
The colored pearls are great, and so lovely shades of colors,on them.
Wishing you a lovely tuesday,dear.-I home again,after wonderfull dayes with my daughter and her family--you will soon hear from me.
Hugs and love, Dorthe

cat said...

Your beads look awesome Angie!!!