Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello Again

Hi! It was such a busy but wonderful week with family and friends. We took the kids on a geological hiking at the Cincinnati Nature Center, found lots of fossil shells along the creek bed. Unfortunately the trail is being studied and we were not allowed to take any of them home with us.

We spent time swimming, the kids loved the day hosted by Carla and her family to the swim park. I mean seriously... who doesn't like 700 gallons of water dumped on your head every 10 minutes or so. Add to that lily pads, slides, diving boards, and water basketball, it was quite a day!
At the end of the week I made Bob spend a day golfing with his dad (not that hard to convince him). The kids and I went with grandma to another Butler State Park and wandered the grounds.

I did get to a few projects in between activities. Here are some Venice faux glass slides for a trade. I'm playing around with sepia as well as black/white to see which looks more authentic.
And while were on the subject of glass slides, I have to take a moment to vent about puddling resin. I have tried this every which way and no matter how I try it takes 2 coats because the first one always looks like this. It is very frustrating...
I made this prototype yesterday, not sure what I think of it. I can't decide if it looks too fussy with all the shells and beads, or perhaps the face is too big? The face is a transfer on white clay, I messed up the ink a bit as I placed the face into the shell, so I need to rethink the method a bit. The last step will be filling it with resin to make it look wet and glassy...a bit like a mermaid under the sea. Perhaps I will think more of it after that step is done.

Stay cool this week it looks like it's going to be another hot one!


stregata said...

Love your mermaid in a shell! But I am just drooling over the slides!!!! The sepia ones are just perfect, Angie!!!!

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

How wonderful you could get away with your family for some fun! I too, love the sepia slides. I love the mermaid in a shell perhaps a different choice in shells around the frame would ease your eye. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by. I soooo appreciate your comments :D

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Hey Angie! Sounds like you all had a very nice vaca. It really sounds just perfect - a little amusement park stuff mixed in with enjoying the wonderful nature around, spending time with family and friends. Can't think of a better time away.

I LOVE the slides you did. I think the sepia are my favorite. No advice here on the resin as I've never used it - yet.

Glad your back! Hope you're staying cool as well :o)