Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Picking 2010

It's that time picking season. This is a long standing family tradition, we haul ourselves almost an hour away marvel at how abundant nature is and then try to take a share home.
Acres and acres of apples, depending on what weekend we can make the trip determines what apples will be available to pick.
This year we were about a weekend earlier than usual and we picked a 1/2 bushel of granny smiths..(yum) also Melrose and Golden Delicious. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of all the fun because the batteries in the camera died and the extra batteries were in the car.
This years crew included a last minute pickup of two school friends and what were excellent pickers they were...over 60 pounds of apples...they don't even look tired!
All of our friends can expect a bag of apples on their doorstep this week. Happy Fall!



stregata said...

Yummy! Unfortunately, our apple tree only has a few apples this year. And the other old apple tree died last year. But don't the apples taste best fresh off the tree?

Hopemore Studio said...

Yes they do! Plus they stay so fresh, some apples picked today will still be in my crisper for Thanksgiving pies.

It was a long dry summer here so the apples were a little smaller this year, but no less sweet.

Dorthe said...

wonderfull having apples for the next months, we collect from ouer own trees, here, -some years gives far too many- every second year not that much-but alwayes there is for some lot, to save for winter,-to eat like that, or use in the food...
Have a good monday, dear.

Patina Marie said...

Hey, Angie!

Thanks for stopping by....I would've guessed everyone would have written me of by now...with not blogging for SO long...Been super busy...haven't even read "my" blogs...I will have to catch up...Guess it's kind of like Tivo, huh? I can read LOTS of posts all at once, without waiting...LOL

Hope all is well (since I haven't kept up).

Nearing the finish line.....and going on an all-girls crafting retreat near the end of October...the same one I created at for "swapping" with you. I think I'm gonna work on holiday stuff...know of any good swaps???


Christine Edwards said...

Well, what pictures you did take are wonderful...looks like fun was had by all. Love Granny Smith apples too. So, lots of baking in your future?

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Looks like a fun day. I haven't been apple picking with my boys in a few years. I wonder if I could talk the youngest into going? I miss trips like this with my kids.

Katie said...

Thanks for the memories.
We used to do this every fall when my children were growing up.
We'd pick apples and choose our pumpkins and then we'd head for the barn where we got caramel dipped apples rolled in nuts, chocolate chips or sunflower seeds! Oh my goodness ~ they were so yummy!
Soon we'll be able to do this with the grandkids!

Your group sure looked like they were having a great time!

marie said...

Hi Angie ~ that comment up above from katie - well that's actually from me. I didn't realize that daughter Katie was logged on on my lap top.
If she were here she'd tell you how much she enjoyed those yummy caramel apples I'm sure!

Have a great day!