Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekends fly and now she's 8.

Our family has had two very full weekends with sports obligations and family celebrations. What a whirlwind, but I am so sad that they're over.

Today is Maria's 8th birthday, I'm amazed at how fast she is growing. We had a family brunch yesterday to celebrate. Brunch would not have been my first choice but with cousins playing sports of their own and my brother's family headed back to Idaho today it seemed the only way to get them all instead of cake and ice cream we had coffee cake and donuts!

With a clean house and all the party goers gone, I found some time to list the slides made last week. Trying something new though, I left off the jump rings and listed them in supplies instead of jewelery. I am so slow when it comes to creating finished necklaces and pendants, perhaps others will want to buy the piece as a focal to put in their own designs.

This one was my favorite of the bunch, a glimpse into 1910's and pedestrians walking the Brooklyn Bridge.



Barbara said...

Oh this is great!! Reminds me of the Suspension Bridge here, of course our bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge were designed by the same person.
I love the piece, love the vintage look.See you soon.

Dorthe said...

Hi dear,
Congratulations with your daughter`s 8 years---oh yes the time flyes so fast.
Your pendants are so beautifull, as alwayes, -I am collecting things to assemble with my wonderfull Tour Eiffel charm .

Pretty Things said...

Eight! My son is seven and I can't believe how fast he's grown.

I love the slide -- I saw the ones you made on Stregata's blog and they're amazing!

Christine Edwards said...

Cool slide pendants...and Happy Birthday to Maria!