Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

To all those who stop by my blog I want to wish you a happy new year full of promise and possibilities. As a family we celebrated at a New Years Eve party and I must say that fun was had by all, it is really nice to have children that are old enough to stay up past 8 o'clock.

Each new year hold such possibilities and I'm always excited to set some new goals. I've been reading (more like browsing) the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and I really love the class concept. My plan is to start again from the beginning and to complete the tasks she assigns. While reading this past week she hit upon some issues I really struggle with ... perfection... in other words wanting my art to be perfect before putting it out there for the world to see. It stifles me, makes it hard to work because really is anything ever truly perfect? So this year I will strive to be imperfect and productive.



marie said...

Happy New Year to you Angie!

"Imperfect" and productive sounds like agood thing to strive for ~ I'll be praying that you're successful!

stregata said...

Wishing you a most happy New Year, health, creative magic and 'imperfection'!

Dorthe said...

A wonderfull goal, dear Angie, to much perfectness killes the creativity- I know from myself :)
I wish you lots of productive houers, and a happy and bright, new year.

Christine Edwards said...

Angie, have a wonderful 2011!

Pretty Things said...

Imperfect and productive -- I absolutely love that!

barbara said...

Angie, Happy New Year!!!I love the new goal. Its perfect, no pun intended.(LOL)
See you soon

Janet said...

Hi Angie Im really pleased to have you for a partner for the Bead party! I Blogged about the party and You, and was going to email you and fell asleep for having to of gotten up for a super early errand. This should be really fun, so Ill catch you in the email.