Thursday, November 17, 2011

A twenty year work in progress

Ok we are officially moved in, making it livable is a whole other issue. Please don't laugh too hard at our disaster.

Here is the front entry and hall. Most of the homes in the neighborhood have this open concept where you can see up to the 2nd floor.

This home has a living room and family room on the first floor so we are opting to make the living room into an office. We have bookcases in storage that will need to be emptied out by the end of November.
This is just sooooo sad...yes I really am using the blue plastic tote as a desk chair...but thanks to Bob I am 'connected' and that makes me happy.
A would-be dining room, if we actually owned dining room furniture. Briefly thought about closing in this space in as a studio but decided against it because I am too messy and have too much stuff to fit in here. In the meantime I will be working on polymer clay up here because the studio is months from completion (you'll see).

There is a bit of order in the family room, it's just lacking in decor or sense of style.
Turn around to see the kitchen and eating area. That kitchen is TINY, would love to bust through that wall into the dining room...maybe one day...far...far off in the distant future.
Upstairs hall with all bedrooms spoken for. That little door on the left may have sold Bob on this house...
A 2nd floor laundry... seriously that man is in heaven. You would think I'd be in heaven, but nope. Here's a little known Angie fact...I rarely do the wash, Bob has always spent Sundays watching sports and doing laundry.
Traveling down into the basement, it is partially finished with terrible lighting and a massive 1990's wet bar. It is so outta here...eventually.

There is a nice window and walkout to the backyard which was high on my wish list.

So you have seen all the clutter right?? I actually love organization, I'm just slow about getting it done. With a partially finished basement and me using part of the unfinished portion to carve out a studio you have to get creative with storage. Luckily there are little nooks and crannies. I did get this finished, all my holiday storage is neatly tucked into the the cavity by the hot water heater.
Now if the same could be said for all this!!! Ugh it is going to be a LONG process.

I am currently accepting any volunteers who don't mind getting down and



miniannalee said...

I think I would use the wet bar as a polymer clay station. Lots of surface space and a sturdy table top to attach a pasta machine. I love all the possiblities in your new house. I would totally volunteer to help you if I lived closer. I need more space for my studio.

stregata said...

You will get settled in alright, Angie, don't fret. Is someone rushing you? Just one piece after another...

Pam @ Frippery said...

Angie, you have so much potential there. I will be such fun to get it all decorated to your liking. I thought the same thing about the bar. Perfect for a workstation! Paint it grey or white a distress a bit and you are set. Don't ditch it, lots of usable craft space!

Dorthe said...

Angie, you got yourself a wonderful new house, so much space, and possibilities.
Yes also much work- but taking it little by little it will end up beautifully.
Congratulations and hugs,

Donna Ellis said...

Angie, Congratulations on your new home! It will feel all comfy and cozy in no time at all... especially with your artistic touches here and there. Thanks for sharing the before photos!

Amanda R said...

I bet it is gorgeous when you get everything situated. At least it is all in there right? And my husband does most of the laundry too and I have noooo problem with it!

E. Marie said...

Angie, what a wonderful house. I hate to say it but after two years in a new house I think you are more settled than I am. Congrats!!

Tina Schiefer said...

Just realized I had read this post and was going to comment "later" and then never did!!!!

Congrats on your move in...and right before the holidays...CRAZY!!! But, GREAT!!!

How plan and daydream and plan some more. I know all about the future small kitchen remodel. Summer 2004. Yeah, it's Winter 2011 and the kitchen is still the same size...someday. In the meantime, I'll keep planning until it's perfect! That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!!

Happy Thanksgiving....

marie said...

I enjoyed the tour Angie - it looks like it has a great lay-out. You are going to have such fun settling in!