Thursday, October 11, 2012

Changes in the Air

Hot air balloons in progress, though they look a bit like jellyfish at this point. Made these yesterday while mulling over quite a bit of stuff in my head. The Renaissance Souls book recommends keeping focus on four interests at a time.

Wrote a down of all the interests that are currently vying for my attention, all 33 of them...yeesh!  Categorized them into 15 broad interests and from those I should pick 4 to focus on. One that will make it in the final four is to get my Etsy shop prepped for Christmas.  Etsy has a holiday boot camp specifically to help.  I partnered up with the fantastic Laurel Steven, hoping she can give me a swift kick in the pants when I get lazy.

Speaking of Etsy, have you been there today?  The way it is shopped has changed significantly.  They now have a browsing categories on the left side of the home page.  These are a limited number of categories with a Pinterest style of loading pages. **click HERE to see art**  Searching items still works the same way as it did before but with shoppers more easily led to "browsing pages" is it possible that searching the site as a whole will be used less?  Does it have an effect on a small shop like mine? Possibly, only time will tell if it's positive or negative.


Laurel said...

Can't wait to see what the hot air balloon ornaments look like when they're done!

The Fantastic ;) Laurel Steven

Dorthe said...

I did not use my Etsy ,for long ,Angie.. And have not seen this new adds...I hope they will be to help for us, and not the opposite...I also plan on starting the shop up, again!
Your ballons looks wonderful I love the christmas bubbles and the colours.
Hope the Ranaissance Souls book helps you---maybe I should have a look inside it, also !!!
Hugs from me.

Barbara Bruder said...

I love these. Have fun making them.

Pam @ Frippery said...

I only used my etsy shop for a short time too. I felt the whole process of being found was overwhelming. I need to get back into it. I will definitely check it out again. Thanks for the heads up!

Jenny del Fuego said...

Up up & away. Love your hot air balloons!