Thursday, December 13, 2012

Days 3 & 4 plus Giveaway news

Three French Hens, a project after my own heart
...image transfers!!!

3 French hens!

Day four is by Amy Tangerine, ( I love her site...such beautiful updated scrapbook styles)
The directions are on Simply Homemade's Blog page.

4 calling birds!

Onto the giveaway news.  I'm still cooking up the plans, but leaning toward a 3 day giveaway.  I came across some beautiful Victorian style cone ornaments I made last year, they are getting a quick tweak then a photo shoot   Details tomorrow!



Dorthe said...

The wonderful hen resting on her green nest, and birds love.... so sweet projects, dear Angie,-
and I know your giveaway will be gorgeous,-can`t wait to see the photoes.
Hugs from me, and happy evening.

marie said...

These are both wonderful..I especially love the birds! This website has been a fun one to visit!