Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Days 5-9

I paused a few days to take care of family business, the boy turned 12 this weekend so a family dinner was in order.  Etsy sales have been swift (thank you so much).  Lastly the tragedy in Connecticut saddened me so much I chose to take a few days to stay quiet and reflect on what we hold dear.

Today I would like to catch you all up of the 12 Days of Christmas crafting projects from Simply Homemade.  Tomorrow is my day so be sure to pop back in.  The day after that I will do the cone ornament giveaway, so be sure to click on the giveaway button to the right and leave a comment to be entered in.

by Charlotte of Gin Fuelled Blue Stocking

6 geese a-laying!
Yummy recipes by Lex Smith of Lady Nom

Lauren Engelkemeyer of Clever Betty

Kendall, Kate & Emily from Trends With Benefits 

and finally caught up with 
9 ladies dancing!

Thanks for stopping in.

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Dorthe said...

Sweet and very different wayes of telling the tale....the Eight Maids a-milking and Nine ladies Dancing are both wonderful...and I can`t wait to see your blog tomorrow, dear Angie, I know you comes up with something great!