Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Break time is over...

Perhaps it would have been nice if I'd mentioned I was taking a break. Truthfully, life ran me over... between work and family obligations I was swallowed up, but in the last few days I have found more time to pursue my interests.

I may have finished my altered box.

I was gifted this very cool piece of hardware over the weekend. I believe it is the front of an old camera, the age of it is completely unknown to me.
Spent quality time with my friend and a dress form over the weekend. I added strips of antiqued book pages and feathers to the bodice. (Thanks for the inspiration Carla)

Then I made some new polymer clay pieces last night. The next step is to get them made into pendants and on Etsy, that's if all the planets align.

Made these too, I guess they could be considered beads or perhaps links. They're made from seam binding and 20 gauge copper wire. I'm looking forward to making others in different colors but I need to seek out a good supply of seam binding first.

Lastly, this arrived in my mailbox today. An order from Design Talented One containing a bundle of sari dyed ribbon. It is 25 yards of beautiful color that I can't wait to play with it.
Well that's it for me at the moment...perhaps it's a lot but I think I've been out of touch for the last 10 days. Now that I am back in the world of blog I'm headed out to check on my fav's.



Barbara said...

I really love the box. I just may have to buy some of the sari ribbon.

Patina Marie said...

I LOVE the dress form. So. Stinking. Cute!!!

I made one a while back. It's on my blog. (can't figure out the link)

I wanna make a shadow box now....Thanks!

CARLA said...

Hey Angie! Glad to see you back. I was about to shoot you an email just to make sure all was well. Looks like your break really rejuvenated you. Your altered box is fantastic! And your other little goodies turned out real nice too!

I buy my seam binding from a vendor on Ebay. I guess their prices are okay. I like that they have a huge selection of colors. Let me know if you want their name.

Glad to see you back!

cat said...


Your altered box came out awesome!! I see you got your sari silk! Have fun with it!!