Monday, February 1, 2010

Injury, illness, and too much winter

Yes I know been away again, Miss Maria injured her hand pretty badly on Friday and we have been tending to her. Then last night my husband's 96 year old grandmother required a trip to the ER and an subsequent stay in the hospital.

Maria will have two fingers on her left hand bandaged for a few more days, the result of having her hand in the way of a closing door. The damage was pretty gross, she needs a special gauze on her fingers until they heal. She behaves like the injury doesn't bother her and given the condition of her bandages after 24 hours she not too worried about germs either, but then again what 7 year old is?

Alice, Bob's grandmother and the matriarch of the family, has a kidney infection. She will be in the hospital for a few days while they make sure she gets her antibiotics. Amazingly she still lives in her own home (with family assistance) and her mind is sharp. God Bless her... she is a dry witted lady and a joy to spend time with. I really wish that if I live as long as her I can have that same attitude and clarity of mind.

Since it was an out-of-routine-day I will have to venture out tonight to work, no time to play. In a way that's OK with me I'm in a bit of a rut anyway. I know there are pieces I could be making and selling but I am just not motivated to do so. I keep looking through my magazines for something to spark my creativity but no such luck so far. I'm sure it's just the winter blahs, it is cold and dreary. A nice long stay in bed is more appealing at the moment then sitting in my workspace. Perhaps that's just the way it's meant to be at the moment..a pause or a break of sorts.

Do you ever feel like you are operating at the bare minimum that you could be?

What do you do to shake it?


marie said...

Sometimes you just need a pause....and if you don't take it your body will rebel and the decision will be taken away from you.
I've had a cold for two days and have barely been able to move.
Take that pause Angie - at least as much as you can. Praying that everyone in your family heals quickly!

Christine Edwards said...

Yes! I totally know what you're saying. I've been so lackluster all month and need to shake it off, but I'm not sure what it's going to take. Have some deadlines this week, so hopefully that will get me going and I can pick up so momentum. Good luck with everything, and I hope you perk up too!