Monday, February 15, 2010

More snow, no school and snow soccer.

Well hello again from the frigid Midwest. Seriously... this is the most amazing winter that I can remember. 7 inches of the white stuff fell today, another 3 inches coming between midnight and 3am. They already called off school for tomorrow, needless to say the kids are happy about that. This snow storm is completely different than the one last week, I think the temperatures must have something to do with it. This week it is in the low 20's and the snow is more like powder that doesn't stick.
Since snowman building was off the list for today's outdoor activities the kids went with an unusual winter activity...snow soccer. Perhaps a future Winter Olympic sport??


Dorthe said...

Looks exatly like here, only we have more, please ,from above, send us a little spring ,soon .

I love your head from Grafic fairy, so speaks of summer.
xo Dorthe

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Oh my! More snow for you, Angie? It's been a crazy "snow-drenched" winter hasn't it? I feel like we dodged a snow bullet here. They were originally forecasting up to another 10 inches (on top of the almost 20 already on the ground!) yesterday into last night. Thankfully it ended up being only a dusting. Phew!

I love the snow soccer idea. Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

I cannot get over the amount of snow on your patio table....hope you weren't panning on using the BBQ that day! hehe..

ciao bella...