Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feeling Witchy

I made a purchase last week at MagicPug's Etsy shop, after falling for her images of witch potion labels. My intention is to use them on actual bottles but I'm still on the hunt for just the right ones. I would love for each one to be uniquely shaped and preferably old, I think I'm my own worst enemy when the bar is set that high.

Hoping to get these finished before Halloween for a friend as sort of a practical joke. In the last few months she and I have been involved in a bit of silly drama, accused of being 'pot stirrers'. We've decided to celebrate this as opposed to getting mad about it and we'll play the part as witches this Halloween. Now you see why I need witch potions, for what else would we 'stir up' in our cauldrons...hehehehehe


Dorthe said...

They will make a wonderfull, part of a witch autfit, for Halloween- they are fantastic,dear.
Granny├Ęs bats, are a great image.
Have fun, hehehe

stregata said...

Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble...

The labels look lovely and definitely need brown glass bottles... hope you share how they turn out!

Patina Marie said...

I LOVE these!!! If you're gonna be a witch, do it in style!!!

Sometimes, I feel like a witch, but I think I've earned it...(I'm sure some days, you have too???...) Would love to hear the "witch" story...


Pretty Things said...

I got some potion seals from someone (name is escaping me....) last year, and I went searching for apothecary bottles. I found a really ... icky one that still had the label for EMBALMING fluid, from way back when. Sad to say, I didn't buy it.