Saturday, August 13, 2011

Four Tee

It's official, I now have to check a new box whenever I fill out any simple survey... 40-45 (check)

Have to share with you what the kids prepared for me this morning...Mr Robert made a Lego birthday cake that comes with it's own candle igniter and and cake slicer.

I , for one, was very impressed with the turn out.
Ms. Maria made a sweet card, she REALLY loves making her own themed fonts...
and it's full of 8 year old cuteness...
Thank you all who stopped in yesterday with well wishes!

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Dorthe said...

Dear Angie
I know everything else than your birthday is now on your mind.
But I congratulate you with it, with a belated hug.
Your kids made the day a very special one, I can tell- such wonderful gifts from them.
Blessings, Dorthe