Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kentucky State Fair

Today we took a trip to Louisville, our first family adventure to the Kentucky State Fair. It was hot and humid, almost a 100 degrees, heading into the exhibit halls was a huge relief.

First stop was the 4H Competition Hall to find Robert's photography. He received two blue awards and a white. He was amazed at how many entries lined the walls.
We saw cows, sheep, pigs, baby chicks, honey bees, tobacco, and corn. Even huge prize winning pumpkins and sunflowers. I know we only took in a small part of the fair but it was so much walking we were a tuckered out bunch. We couldn't leave though without trying out the fair food ...this Deep Fried Kool Aide booth was the most interesting...and not half bad. Is there anything they won't deep fry?
I see the State Fair as an end of summer treat...can it be cooler and more 'autumn-like' next week please?


Tina Schiefer said...

Haaaaaayyyyy, Kooool-AID! Remember those old commercials? Where the big red Kool-Aid would burst through the wall? A good friend of ours was the shop that made those big 'ol costumes. Fun times....

Congrats to the Little Mister. Keep up the "good eye".

Blessings from Cindy said...

Great job to Robert!! Whoo hoo! How exciting! It looks like your family had a wonderful time. Love the family pic!! Was that deep fried kool aid??

CraftyHope said...

That's really cool that you got to try the fried kook-aid. I hears an interview on NPR some months back with the guy who 'invented' it. I was intrigued. I'm glad to know it's not half bad.

marie said...

Yea for Robert! Love that shot of him - he looks quite pleased!! I also really like the family photo - thanks for sharing that.

Question - how do you deep fry Kool Aid!?