Friday, August 19, 2011

Trip to Indy

I really want to give you guys a big hug for keeping up with my posts about Shannon and her daughter. I truly feel like sharing their story is a way to keep them in the minds and hearts of anyone who is open to it. I cannot help but believe that an abundance of positive thoughts and prayers for them, even if you don't know them, is helping them heal.

The trip yesterday was a good one. Met up with my dear friend Stephanie just outside downtown and we made the journey together to the hospital. Shannon was awake and was able to tell us what happened Saturday night. She also said she was able to see Jade for the first time. They transported Shannon in her bed down a few blocks the children's hospital. Even with that joy, Shannon had a difficult day with pain and emotions. Stephanie and I were able to see Jade, it was difficult but I try to find solace in that every piece of equipment she is attached to is in some way improving her changes of recovery.

On a selfish note, I was able to spend the rest of my day with Stephanie in Indy. We chatted for hours about everything... family, home life, children, jobs & art. Not to mention we had Starbucks AND Panera as the day progressed.

Tomorrow I will share with you some surprise mail I received a few days back...



Dorthe said...

Dear Angie-
I can believe it was difficult seing a loved friend ,and her kid, so terribly injured-and I am sure you are right ,that the more positive thoughts, the better- I dearly hope they will both be well again.
Glad you had a happy time with your other friend.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Oh Angie, I have not been blog visiting for the past week. I am so sorry to hear about your friend and her daughter and will pray for them. My sister in law and niece were visiting this week and they were at the fair that night but not at the concert although her husband's brother in law and sister were there but thankfully unharmed. I hope all goes well. Let me know when you will arrive at Burlington and I will try to get there for a bit in the AM. Take care, Pam