Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stress Relief

Being off work really couldn't have some at a better time. Our home inspection last week, which resulted in me waiting around for a garage door salesman today. Tonight is a home inspection for the house we would like to buy...hoping for no surprises.
In between the appointments I've been de-stressing and making new messes with these little block dolls. The blocks were found at a flea market last year, there were only three of them and on the back of each is a portion of poem Twas the Night Before Christmas. I have the last one in the works, maybe I'll finish her up tomorrow before I have to get out the the house for the appraiser.



Dorthe said...

They are wonderful Angie-
and the blocks fantastic---
hope the inspection in your wish-house went good!

Anonymous said...

Hope it all went well. Love the block doll so cute
Hugs June x

Amanda R said...

Very cute Angie! Good luck with the homes, so exciting to get to move but I don't envy all the work involved.

marie said...

I love the little Santa hat and the #25...you always have such great ideas.

Hope the home inspection went well tonight. Let the packing begin!!

Tina Schiefer said...

This little holiday gal is very, very cute!

Sounds like a lot's going on over there...Hope the "new" home has a dream-studio space!!!

Can't wait to see pictures...


marie said...

Hi Angie, Me again.
I just wanted to mention that my daughter is having a giveaway for 25 free Christmas photo cards from Shutterfly. She's giving away three groups of 25 and will draw the winners Monday evening. She only has three entries so far so your chance of winning is pretty good.
She had her cards done by Shutterfly the past two Christmases and they were beautiful. Just thought I'd mention it to you...feel free to pass it on.

Shona Erlenborn said...

I love the little dolls - such a cute idea. Good luck with all the work at the house!