Monday, October 31, 2011

Tricks & Treats

Time is moving at a rapid speed!! I'm so sad that Halloween has come and gone. No carved pumpkins, no house decorations (with the house for sale the decorations were in storage) and barely enough time to scrape together costumes.

Robert decided he wanted to be an Army man. Fate worked with us as we came across an Army surplus store a few weeks ago after apple picking. Maria decided on a corpse bride, she likes the haunted stuff for sure! I found an oh-so-cheap $3.00 white dress-up gown at the thrift shop, perfect price since I knew she'd want to shred it and drag it in the mud (I was reminded more than once that she is dead and clawed her way out of the ground). We fashioned a headpiece, then added some white and black makeup to complete the ensemble.
Luckily I have an Army man to protect me from the undead.

Happy Halloween!


Barbara Bruder said...

Your kids are so cute. Hope they got lots of candy.

Dorthe said...

They looked wonderful, Angie- you did great with the dresses-so lucky to find cheap, for both of them .

Karin said...

How cute! Thanks for sharing these photos!

Tina Schiefer said...

Un-dead? I feel just like her description some days! :-)

Next year, for sure...I hear myself saying the same year...E.B. Halloween party, next move...I feel your pain, girl...I feel it!!!!