Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby it's c-c-c-cold inside

I need some well wishes...either my 2 yr old thermostat is on the fritz or my 26 yr old furnace finally gave out. I wonder which is more likely. The house is holding steady at 64 degrees, so its not to bad, just a chill in the house. My friend the HVAC guy is on his way...

Update...Woo hoo it looks like we bought a hunk of junk when we replaced our thermostat a few years ago. Jim cleaned up the electrical connections and the heat kicked on, but it may not be a sure fix, we will give it a few days to see if it keeps working. He is so cool he even showed me how to turn the heat on at the furnace just in case the thermostat flakes out again before he can come back, what a good guy!


Coastal Sisters said...

Angie, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that it's just something minor!

I loved the stars you made!


The Feathered Nest said...

Pile the blankets on sweetie!!! I hope it's fixed ~ stay warm :) xxoo, Dawn

Carla said...

Chilly! They year our furnace decided to call it quits was, of course, during that season's severe cold snap. The HVAC guys were pretty quick about getting in and replacing it, but we still had a good 24 hours of no heat inside while temps dropped to single digits outside. Our finished basement has electric heat, so the boys all camped out down there overnight, and me and hubby snuggled in our room under lots of blankets and a little ceramic electric heater.

Hopes it's just a minor thing that doesn't require tons of money and loads of time to fix! Keep your long johns close by!