Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gathering up ideas on Craftig

I took a few minutes today to search the latest projects on Craftig, here are two I just have to rave about.

The first is a green project from Craft Pod, she made these fantastic notepads from cardboard boxes. I still have many greeting cards to recycle, so this is a must-try project. Check out her tutorial here

Then there is this darling embroidered snowflake pendant from Resurrection Fern. Some folks love fabric but I'm more of a thread girl myself; cross stitch and hand embroidery are hobbies I spend too little time on. I'm thinking this pendant may become gifts for some friends this Christmas season. If you think you would like to make some too, her tutorial is here.

I am almost ready to pack up again and head back to Perry Park to scrap, lets just hope I remember the camera.



Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Angie, I love the snowflake and it sounds like your experience teaching was identicle to mine! I walked out thinking"there has to be a better way to give them creative license and keep the class to a rasonable amount of time! I also was thinking the same way...make dits and then bring a few extras to choose from but having people make every decision is way too time consuming! Good luck with your class, and thanks for stopping by and giving your ideas I really appreciate them! ~ Theresa

marie said...

I love resurrection fern - she's been in my favorites for a long time. I've already started on a couple of her snowflakes...actually three of them. One for each of my grandchildren. Mine will be have a tiny wire hook worked in for hanging on the tree.