Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On my wish list

I carry around an old Nokia phone, it doesn't have a cool ring, it doesn't text, it isn't in some pretty color, and it certainly can't take pictures.

I really don't see myself texting, nor downloading apps and ring tones, but a camera... now that would be handy. With a blog I often find myself thinking oh if I only take a picture of this. For instance... as a family we went to see the men's basketball game at Xavier University last night, this is a very rare opportunity. Now since I couldn't take a picture of this little outing, I will have leave you with this drawing Miss Maria made pre-game. Thank goodness I carry a journal or else I wouldn't have anything to share today ;)

courtesy of my 7 year old

I do want to take a moment and thank you for the nice comments on my jewelry, I will have to get it up on Etsy right after the New Year. I'm even thinking a giveaway here in blog-land may be in order to kick the whole thing off. Let me get though these crazy weeks ahead and I will get it all together.


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