Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Care Packages for the Military

Some helpful websites to help with this project if you are interested in sending a care package to service men serving over the holiday season you may find them helpful too:


marie said...

What a super special idea! We have a "support our troops" program at our church and I know from the letters received back form the troops just how much they appreciate gifts from home!
I'm off to check out your links!

PS. The story I shared was from long ago...but the memory of it is so clear ~ like it was yesterday.

J said...

FYI, although Carl will miss Christmas with us this year, the upside is that he's due to come home in January not March.

marie said...

Hi Angie,
I just got an email from Carla (Cosmogirl). She hasn't been able to access your blog. I thought you might want to know.
I'm pretty sure I have your email address (at home). Is it okay if I send it to her?

Carla said...

Hi!!! (waving my arms wildly!!!) I'm here! Phew, Angie, I was getting nervous! Every time I tried to view your blog today, I kept getting a screen saying your site was invitation only. I was afraid you'd gone private on us! Then I started worrying that maybe you blocked just me! LOL

Anyway, guess it was some weird glitchy thing. Thanks for passing helping me out, Marie! I just clicked on the link on my sidebar and voila, I'm here.

Thanks for posting those sites, Angie. It's always good to remember our guys and gals overseas, especially this time of year. I'll go check out the sites you listed.

Hopemore Studio said...

Sorry Carla, my blog is flipping out on me. I tried to edit my post and the computer froze up. I sure I pounded the keys a few times in frustration. Later on when I went back to my computer to try again Blogger had logged me out and I got the same invite-only message!

I had to take the weirdest walk around through google mail to log back in, I reset my setting to the original a viola I'm back.

Janvi said...

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