Monday, March 8, 2010

Carl comes for a visit

My brother Carl has been in town over a week, he flew in from Idaho to have eye surgery at Wright Patt Air Force Base. When he was planning his trip he asked if it would be be OK to stop into the kids school to say thank you for the well wishes the kids sent while he and his group of airmen & women were based in South Korea. Of course the teachers were thrilled to have him stop in and give a little talk.

Carl told me he was nervous about talking to the second and third graders but in my book is got an A+. He explained to the kids about his job, how long he had been in the military, and all the places he has had the opportunity to live while serving. The classes peppered him with questions and hopefully learned a lot.
We stayed for lunch and recess...I'm pretty sure this is some sort of Air Force hand gesture requesting help or back up support...
...but after a while he figured out how to engage the enemy and win over their support.
Thanks Uncle Carl you were the rock star of second and third grade!!


J said...
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J said...

awww, why is it that I always get a little weepy-eyed when I read your posts about our brother and the kids? Perhaps it's cuz I'm nearly 600 miles away and can't be there for the fun stuff. I'm glad all the kids (including the biggest "KID") had a good time!

Barbara said...

You're brother sounds like a great guy. You must be proud!

CosmoGirl Carla said...

What a great guy! I bet your kids were so proud to have their Uncle there visiting their class and sharing stories of his experiences in the military.

Thanks so much for sharing!
Have a great Friday, Angie.