Friday, March 12, 2010

How many projects can one take on anyway?

Let's start with the fun stuff...oh so faux tin types

I've had this idea for a while to try and make image transfers on polymer clay that resemble tin types. At the moment tin types are very popular in assemblage and mixed media jewelry but I don't own any (no surprise there right?) But therein lies the problem, since I don't own any how do I know if I'm getting close to a good result ^shrug^. The bottom left is my least favorite..too gold. The others all have a hint of metallic, unfortunately I can't seem to capture that with the camera.
My time to play with polymer has been hindered by the decision to move forward and try to sell the house. Let the overwhelming number of projects begin...LOL.

Trim & door painting started...why yes I am a messy painter... but I am convinced it will all look better at the end.
Working on last summers mudroom addition, down to finishing trim then prime and paint.
Biggest expense..sump pump installed... this is in the rec room ...right out in the open so now I have to repair the wall and built out a step with an access door.

SO that's it, I'm sure a piece of my sanity will be left behind with each project I complete. In the end these are all tasks that have needed to be completed we just got to a point of living in the house and not doing what we needed to. I feel that even if after all this work if no one else shows up to buy the house it will still be far more enjoyable for us as a family to have it all done. That's my pep talk and I'm sticking to it!



Patina Marie said...


I can SO relate, except, I'm hoping this is our last house! But, why is it our homes are the spiffiest (is that even a word?) right before we move out???
I have friends with housekeepers, I dream of one, but know I'd do all the pre-cleaning so she'd NOT see the daily mess!!!

Hang in there and become good friends with Aleve or Advil!!! Lol

MisfitGirl said...

Those look really great Angie, I especially like the first one it looks very old and well loved.

Barbara said...


I have real tin types and will be glad to lend them to you. Call me.