Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glitter is better than a sump pump

There are big changes in store here at my house, a long overdue sump pump installation may begin today!! I need to deal with it but I don't want to , so while they are digging up my house I will be dreaming in Technicolor...

I wanted to share with you a giveaway that Marie at Spun by Me is having in honor of her 500th post.

Come join in the fun and leave her a comment on this post!



marie said...

Oh my goodness ~ glitter is definitely better than a sump pump!!
Thanks for mentioning my giveaway and good luck in it. Sounds like you could use a little sparkle in your life!

PS. I enjoyed reading about your bother Carl's visit to school yesterday. That was so nice of him and I'm sure it was a thrill for all the students! God bless him for his service to our country.

marie said...

....and obviously I did not mean that your brother was a bother. Jeesh...if only I could type and spell at the same time!! : )

CosmoGirl Carla said...

LOL!!!! I would agree, Angie! Glitter IS so much better than a sump pump! :o)