Friday, April 15, 2011

Columbus Adventure

Ahh spring break... a week off to get done all the important a little family getaway. We headed two hours north to the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus Ohio. It was very cool, the kids spend 6 hours scavenging every corner of this fantastic place.

Saw a few dinosaurs, oops, wait these belong to me...

This was fascinating, imagine taking a unicycle ride up in the air!! My kiddos weren't quite big enough to ride and I couldn't talk bob into it (he couldn't talk me into it either)
Intriguing questions in the space exhibit.
From the future to the past...a main street from the 1960's

The kids had LOTS of questions in this is a amazing to think how fast technology is changing the world we live in.
While in downtown Columbus I was also lucky enough to stop in a European Papers. They were in the midst of their big Artiscape event. Got some fun new supplies, looking forward to some studio time this weekend :)



Anonymous said...

My granddaughter came to visit the other day and she was telling me what she learned in school. She was telling me about this "old time machine with a leaver that went up and down to set type". So I say, "a type-writer?". She got very excited that I guessed what she was talking about. When I told her I took typewriting class in school she was amazed! Boy you are old! Gee thanks.

Dorthe said...

Angie, what a great tour,must be a fantastic adventure- being able to go back and forth, in one place of experiences,like this.
Yes isn`t it amazing how much have been changed in our few years of living?-
Week-end hugs-Dorthe

Tina Schiefer said...

Wow! That's a blast from the past! We did some interactive displays for COSI back in 2003 or 2004. Never been there! Thanks for the mini-tour!!! I love blogs...