Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coming up with a few new ideas

It probably shouldn't be this hard to come with new ideas/images for faux slides, but there are times I think my brain is on permanent vacation. To solve this dilemma I spent an entire evening scouring the Library of Congress archives and came up with a some new pictures to try.

How about a day at the circus?

San Francisco or beach scenes?
Some images look great on the computer but just don't look good once they are shrunk down to pendant size, they seem to lose all detail and get muddied. Then there are others that really pop... I think it has a lot to do with finding images with just the right ratio of black and white. Unfortunately until you go through the whole process..find the image, process it a bit, print it out, transfer, bake, and resin ... you really can't decide which ones are keepers and which ones are doomed to be duds.

So is there anything, any place, any theme I am completely overlooking? I will forever be the one who misses the obvious...



Kit and Kaboodle said...

These are gorgeous, I particularly like the seaside slides - how about a few gothic buildings, sepia cathedrals or ruined castles Angie? I'm a bit biased as I take lots of photos of them myself, but I'm sure they'd transfer well to clay and look wonderful as slides.

Kate :-)

Wax Beach Artist said...

They are beautiful. I know you are doing the black and white thing but maybe a hint of color wouldn't be a bad thing? Just a suggestion since you asked. I was just thinking how I love old images where they are almost all black and white but one thing, or two is colored. Connie :)

Pretty Things said...

Oh neat! And I like Wax Beach Artist's idea, too.

I love old barns, old architecture pieces (like gargoyles). French/British/Italian stuff. Birdcages. Not sure if that helps!

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

Love your slides....sooo vintage looking!

CosmoGirl Carla said...

I think they're all beautiful ~ true works of art! The images you chose to work with are great.

Thanks for sharing, Angie. Have a great weekend.