Saturday, April 23, 2011

Waterlogged Cincinnati

An amazing amount of rain has fallen this spring, seems like we get one nice day followed by three days of thunderstorms with threat of tornadoes and flooding. The Ohio River is out of her banks again, not as bad as a few weeks ago but with the rain continuing into this evening there's no saying how high it will go.

We took an outing down to the riverbanks this evening to see the rising waters. What should be parking lots are now reclaimed by the river.

Down along Covington's Riverside Drive, the residents are no strangers to flooding.

This was formerly Mike Finks, a floating restaurant, it's been closed a few years. Now it seems to be a river dam with a tangled mess of large branches and debris along the hull.

With our little adventure over we look forward to Easter Sunday and hope for a bit of sunshine. I predict all our festivities will be inside, with a water logged backyard there is little chance for Easter eggs hunts out in the if we were looking to have a mud fight, that would work.

Tomorrow I'm finally going to post my Easter eggs from Thimble Prims swap!


Dorthe said...

Oh my, Angie, that looks bad- I hope it stayes where it is now....and wishes you a wonderful easter sunday, dear.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Wow Angie. It is amazing what rain can do to the landscape. I love the effect you gave these photos though. My route to work and back takes me along Rte 50 from the Indiana border, through downtown Cinci to East Walnut Hills and it has been interesting to see the changes in the river each day.

Tina Schiefer said...

Our river that runs through town, the Rogue, is over-zealous from time to time too. A few years back, I was letter boxing a couple sets on the riverbanks. After the floods, the huge tree one was in got swept away. I like to think the box made it's way out to sea!!! :-)