Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beautiful blog find

Forecast for northern Kentucky...cold rain, no hint of sun or warmth. To take my mind off the dreary weather and to try to preserve some sense of bliss I head out into blog land. Sometimes I inadvertently blog hop, in other words I first stop at my bookmarked sites and then stray off into someone else's list of favorite reads, then another and then another until I have little sense of where I am or how I got there.

Now I have to admit I am rarely on the hip side of anything, after seeing her work and reading her posts I come realize I have seen her jewelry before. So forgive me if this is not new to anyone else but me... I want to tell you about Nina Bagley and her blog Ornamental.

Nina is incredibly open in her posts, it seems as if she shares all the thoughts in her head. I spent an unbelievable 2 hours reading her blog today, it is just touching how much she puts out there for the world to see in the way of words and photographs. You can read though her triumphs, hardships, creative struggles, and so many other personal issues that I think a lot of us deal with but wouldn't have the courage to share (at least that is the case for me).


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Christine Edwards said...

I love Nina's stuff! I took her booklace workshop last year (made two more for my sisters for Christmas) and am taking her Fairy House workshop this summer. Her blog is very beautiful...good choice for a cold, drizzly day.