Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day Nine and more Art Nouveau

Isn't she pretty? This ATC was done by our host Christine Edwards. It has all the elements I love most...a vintage image, dresden, and of course glitter.

If you live in the Cincinnati area I highly recommend the Imperishable Beauty Art Nouveau exhibit at the Art Museum in Eden Park. It is mostly jewelry but there are other art forms as well. It was all gorgeous, beyond words really. Unfortunately it was also a busy Saturday and I am definitely not at 100%. I promised Bob I would return again once more before the exhibit closes on the 17th, most likely on a weekday when the kids are in school.

I was in awe standing within inches of several Alphonse Mucha lithographs. Most of the ones on display were larger than life theatrical posters. Mucha's depiction of nature and of strong, beautiful women is stunning.



Carla said...

Wow! The ATC's just keep getting better and better. That one is amazing.

Hope you do get that chance to visit the exhibit one more time.

Christine Edwards said...

Oh, I'm jealous about the Mucha lithos. I do hope to one day make it to Prague and go to the Mucha Museum.